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Want to replace a set of keys that have been damaged or lost? Or do you need a spare key for your visitors? LockGuardPros can help you with it. We have the knowledge and experience to duplicate all types of keys, no matter whether it is for your car or home. Our professionals can also work on difficult-to-copy items, such as skeleton keys and condo keys. We back every job we undertake with a satisfaction guarantee.
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A Key Duplication Service You can Trust

Key duplication is one of the most popular services we offer. At LockGuardPros, we can duplicate any type of key, including commercial spaces, hours, and vehicle keys. When you need a key duplicated, you just have to get in touch with us. We can get your key ready within a few minutes and we can make as many copies as you want.

In case you lose your key, we can still duplicate one for you. Our technicians are adept at creating a new key from scratch using the door’s lock cylinder. Having a spare key can be a lifesaver in case you ever lose your primary key. Rather than calling a professional locksmith or waiting for someone to get you a spare, you can use duplicate keys to restore access. With our service, you can enjoy-

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Whether you’re facing an emergency, need a routine service, or have inquiries about our offerings, our team is ready to provide prompt and reliable assistance. Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to address your concerns and dispatch our skilled locksmiths to your location.

Core features


No matter whether you need spare keys for your back door, front doors, or any interior locks, we have got you covered. We can get the keys duplicated for you in a jiffy.


Protect your business with duplicate keys for your office, store, filing cabinets, and well-secured areas. We ensure we don’t disrupt your workflow while working on key duplication.


Have you lost your car keys or need an additional set for emergency situations? Our skilled technicians can duplicate keys for different makes and models of vehicles.


Our experienced technicians specialize in duplicating high-security keys and give you peace of mind. We serve both businesses and homeowners with advanced security systems.


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